You can never have enough “good advice.” Life is full of challenges and everyone is striving to put one foot in front of the other. These days life coaches are in high demand.  A life coach can help huge numbers of people break lifelong patterns of pain, negativity and help them discover their core purpose.

One U.S based SUGA has made a career out of giving good advice, throwing in her own experiences as a Samoan women into the mix. Meet SUGA Marie Faleafine Ale, 42, owner and founder of her own company Juzz Gorgeous LLC – a company that offers a variety of services such as workshops, seminars, client centric coaching, public speaking and corporate training.

The certified international life coach resides in Fremont, California and is a mother of eight children and grandmother to nine grandchildren!  This career driven individual, whose parents come from the villages of Vaitogi (American Samoa) and Salelologa (Savai’i), graduated from the University of Phoenix, Arizona with a degree in Business Management.

Fusing motivational speech and grooming tips together, Marie specialises in personal coaching and business development. Her favourite workshops on offer include coaching women on beauty tips such as how to accentuate their body types and how to bring out the best in their personalities.

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“I would like to challenge Samoan woman of all ages to give more compliments to one another as we are out and about on our daily routine,” says Marie

“The main reason why I have embarked on this journey in launching Juzz Gorgeous is to create awareness amongst women of all ages that we don’t have to be rich to look like a million bucks,” she says. “Juzz Gorgeous also empowers women and men to love and put themselves first in all aspects of life. In order to love one another, you must love yourself first.’’

Aside from being a professional life coach, Marie also co-hosts XM Sirius Radio Channel 93 iHeart/iTunes Sports overnight America which airs every Tuesday night at 10:40 pm (Pacific Time). Audiences from around the world can tune in to her on-air workshops and seminars based around empowerment and beauty. She has recently launched her own online niche TV show called ‘RieRie Talk show’ where she will bring her valuable advice and coaching to the screen and feature special guests on her show.

Her work has recently landed her a nomination for the ‘women of excellence’ award at the  annual SOAR women’s empowerment summit this year in Milwaukee – a global event that invites business women from all over the world to come together and network.

Like all Samoan women, Marie has a soft spot for her own people especially young SUGA.

“To my Samoan ladies in particular, young and mature, looking beautiful is within you already but don’t be afraid to rock an outfit that gives you an extra pep to your walk. Why not wear make-up that makes you look gorgeous or gives you that cheeky feeling of snapping selfies?

“Fashion and make up is super fun.  Life is too short so we must embrace! Polynesian women from the South Pacific including my very own Samoa breeds gorgeous women in every essence of the word ‘beauty.’”

She encourages SUGA to challenge the norms in all areas of ‘Samoan’ life – like striving to be more outspoken and aiming to change perceptions.

“I feel that there’s a misconception that if we do strive to look good and maintain a healthy and presentable image, that we are considered ‘fia palagi’. But being presentable naturally influences your personality and your confidence and that’s so important.

“I would like to challenge Samoan woman of all ages to give more compliments to one another as we are out and about on our daily routine. Trust me, the return of being kind and sharing a simple smile goes a long way and you walk away feeling like ‘wow she’s super cool or nice.’ Us Samoan women need to spread more love for it shows your true character of a confident woman who knows and understands her worth.”

Given her own chosen career path, Maria says it’s important that she makes an effort to look good as a positive life coach. A keen bargain-hunter, her favourite stores include Macy’s, New York & Company, Burlington Factory, Styles, H & M, Forever 21, Ross and the odd boutiques here and there.

“What I look for in clothes depends on the occasion but ultimately something different in colours that I can rock with my accessories. I always wear three or four colours in my outfits. Don’t just throw everything on. There is a certain swag in putting these all together. You must own it! Co-ordinating colours to pop your outfit is the key to fashion.”

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“Look good, feel good and pop those colours” says Marie

When it comes to make up, her favourite brands include Neutrogena foundation, L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte, NYX contouring, Mac Shadows, Vincent Longo or Shany Cosmetics.

She is always keen on sharing business tips to budding Samoan entrepreneurs.

“If you want to go abroad, think ‘how can I market to big companies?’ ‘What celebrity in media can I send my products to for showcasing?’ Having a strategic marketing plan is crucial to your success and sometimes you might receive more support abroad than locally.

“Send The Rock Dwayne Johnson your products for him to have. Or if you’re a designer with fashion garments, send him something to wear. Choose an entrepreneur in the states to do a review or give you a shout out of your brand.  How else will anyone know of your products if you don’t send samples of your products to someone that has a following?

“Optimizing your marketing strategies and online presence would be very beneficial for your business. Don’t be afraid to go up against the giants for David did slay Goliath right? Believe in your purpose and allow yourself the permission to step out of your comfort zone.”

Contact Maria at or email her at [email protected]Book a consultation with this International Certified Life Coach through skype or via telephone! Mention SUGA Magazine for a free complimentary session!




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