Boutique is best: Travellers Point Hotel, Malifa, Samoa

When planning trips to Samoa, many of us opt to stay with families and maybe plan a couple of nights at a hotel as a treat. The names Taumeasina, Sheraton and other flashy resort names are thrown around as suggestions and although these first class resorts are wonderful, lets not forget the awesome boutique hotels that also offer an amazing ‘Samoa experience’ for a fraction of the price.

A quick business trip to Samoa for a few days to attend the annual Life Con Fashion Expo held earlier this month, meant that it was best for me to stay in a hotel not far from the venue as opposed to staying with my beloved family members villages away – and a few days stay would probably make my aunty back in my village have a fit had she found out. But in all honesty, whenever I do stay with family, I would rather stay for much longer.

I was fortunate to stay at Travellers Point, the cutest little boutique hotel but yet gave their customers service and an experience on a much larger scale.

Boutique Hotels usually have smaller properties with 10-50 rooms making it more personable. Yes they are less stress on the wallet, but it sure doesn’t compromise when it comes to excellent service and fun.  Having forgotten to buy a sim card at the airport, one staff member was quick to whip out their phone for me to use while I was at the bar and that kind of personal service wasn’t unusual. Getting to know the staff was really like getting to know my distant family members.

The location in Malifa was perfect, a stone’s throw away from town but at the same time, still set in the heart of village life. Locals living next door means you wake up to the sound of children laughing and roosters crowing reminding you that you are in Samoa…Paradise.

The complimentary breakfast at Travellers Point boasts some of Samoa’s best bread and butter, (perfect for that hangover, oops!). Pineapple pies, muffins, savouries, cereals washed down with yummy sweet Samoa styled orange juice was pleasing to the tastebuds. Simple yet so satisfying.  

The benefit of smaller establishments mean less traveller congestion ie. checking in quickly, more room at the poolside, easy and quiet dining experiences without all the noise.  The goal of boutique hotels is to offer customers the same luxuries as the big expensive resorts but in a more intimate environment.

That’s not to say that boutique hotels are quiet and boring. Far from it. There are plenty of social nights where guests at the hotel mingle and have a laugh including many backpackers from overseas – getting to know authentic travellers gives a great insight to their walk of life and adds to a great experience. 

The open plan restaurant, bar and poolside is tempting and inviting making it a popular local spot to gather for guests and outsiders alike especially when the big sporting events are on the big screen, like Joseph Parker’s Boxing gigs or Manu Samoa games.

The venue is perfect for small weddings too and kids birthday parties!

Websites like,, and Expedia have great daily deals, up to 20% off than the usual boutique rates. And considering that boutique rates are significantly lower than resort rates means that these deals offer even more bang for your buck. 

In most cases, you will also be supporting independent business owners and if you are travelling for business, you have an opportunity to connect with them expanding your professional network.  And if you are just travelling for pleasure, you will be pleasantly surprised at having the time of your life without breaking the bank.  It is totally a win win! 

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