He’s worked behind the scenes at high profile events such as the Grammys and now he is heading to Australia!

Samoan Adam Le Simmons, an in-demand make up artist, fashion blogger and model is bringing his #BeautyByAdam workshops down under and you can be there to see the magic behind the make up.

The workshops, presented by Boss Society will be held in various big cities in around Australia and are part of Adam’s ‘Pay it Forward’ campaign aimed at giving back to the community.

Pic: Grammy Make Up for Jessica Caban – Girlfriend of Superstar Bruno Mars

As part of the campaign, a competition has been launched to find Adam’s trial models at each of the cities workshops.

Boss Society’s Director Kourtni Ann says, “The competition carries on the Easter theme – being grateful for Jesus’ sacrifice for us – a way to nominate someone that you are grateful for and believe deserves to be made up by Adam.

“Adam is looking for ‘real’ people as his models.  He is not looking for social media influencers or anything like that…that way the ‘before and after’ is real.”

Excited entrants are urged to be specific in their reasons for nominating their deserving person.

Details on how to win a chance to be Adam’s Trial Model!

The #BeautyByAdam gig is a major score for the SUGA’s at Boss Society, a newly launched Pacific Island Women’s Business Network based in Brisbane who hope to hold more similar events in future.

Founders Jasmin Faapito, 27 and Kourtni Ann Leofa, 26 have a genuine passion for Pacific Island Entrepreneurial success.

Kourtni, left, Jasmine , Right , founders of Pacific Island Business Network Boss Society

“Boss has become so much more than just a ‘networking event’, says Kourtni.

‘It’s a community of talented people that would rather collaborate than compete. We really want to do everything we can to ‘boss up’ Pacific people and change the game!”

Tickets to #BeautyByAdam workshops in Australia are available here.





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