SUGA Simone Garcia Johnson the new Golden Globes Ambassador

Simone Garcia Johnson a.k.a ‘The Rock’s daughter’ is making her own name for herself.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced the 16-year-old SUGA as their first Golden Globe Ambassador.

The role which was formerly known as ‘Miss Golden Globe’ was presented to her by the Stallone sisters, daughters of Hollywood movie icon Sylvester Stallone, and who had assumed the roles previously.

The job description used to involve getting trophies onto the stage and helping the winners walk off after their speeches.

‘Daddy’s Girl’ is making a name her own name for herself | Pic: Getty

But the newly named role, will take on a whole new meaning with Johnson having a hand in helping boost the awards show’s philanthropic efforts.

And it appears she has put a lot of thought into it.

Johnson, who is BFF’s with Fifth Harmony’s Tongan beauty Dinah-Jane, has announced she has partnered with Global Girl, an organization that works with UN Women in empowering young women from disadvantaged communities and preparing them with the tools to succeed.

“I am excited, I’m nervous, I’m a combination of all of those things, she said. “At the end of the day, I’m so excited for this whole experience. It’s going to be amazing.”

BFF’s: Simone with Dinah-Jane Hansen of Fifth Harmony at the Moana Premier last year



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