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It is a weekend full of Polynesian celebration – where schools from all over Auckland come together to battle it out with their respective island’s cultural display at the annual Polyfest! Auckland and New Zealand’s diversity is proudly displayed in a festival of colour, culture and pride.

Over the years, fashion at the Polyfest has evolved especially among the SUGA participants of the Samoan groups. Puletasi’s have become more creative and colourful each year and the visual impressions can evoke an audience response just as much as the performance itself.

Popular West Auckland-based Pacific Designer, Mose of Mose Designs says every year he is inundated with work designing uniforms for Samoan groups at the Polyfest.

“This year I’ve had to turn away some schools for the first time due to a busy work schedule,” he says.

Pic: Polyfest Youtube Coconet TV – Epsom Girls 

He has designed the official Samoan group uniform for Kelston Girls High School and admits he was nervous this time.

“Every year they usually tell me what they want in their designs but this year they left it all up to me. Thankfully when they picked it up the girls were stoked so I’m relieved,” he laughs. “It will be revealed on the day.”

Mose says there is no doubt that what an individual wears can be influential to their performance.

“Fashion makes you feel good. It can lift the spirits of the performer. It can give them that extra push to their performance if they feel good about what they are wearing…seeing the girls excited at their uniforms makes them look forward to performing even more.”

This years Polyfest will kick off tomorrow the 15th and will run through to Saturday the 18th March at the Manukau Sports Bowl.

McAuley High Samoan Group Polyfest




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