Parris and her ReQuest crew bring their own version of ‘Gangham Style’ to Korean Star Psy’s latest music video ‘Love’.

Her clients are as diverse as her hometown Auckland, New Zealand – from Elton John to Justin Bieber and now Korean crossover Pop sensation Psy is the latest music artist to enlist the talented Samoan’s choreograpic talents.

The K-Pop star shot to fame five years ago with his hit Gangham Style which later became the most viewed Youtube video of all time.


K-Pop crossover star shot to global fame with his Youtube chart topping smash hit ‘Gangham Style’

Parris choreographs and features in Psy’s latest video Love from his 8th album 4 + 2 = 8!  She also brings along her familiar friends from the ReQuest crew and together they showcase the usual display of ultra cool dance moves. The single Love is an addictive catchy pop tune that all Poly’s will love.

With the harrowing events that are happening in the world, Psy’s album is just what we need right now.

An official from Psy’s label YG Entertainment stated, “During this time, Psy received much love worldwide, and in return we hope that this music video delivers as much positive energy.”





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