A Pacific documentary about female tattooing in the Pacific has won a Best Documentary Award at the ImagineNative Film and Media Arts Festival in Toronto.

‘Marks of Mana’ was produced and directed by SUGA producer Lisa Taouma and features a compilation of interviews with women across the Pacific about the significance of their tattoos and it’s personal meanings to them.

“‘Marks of Mana’ is a tribute to female tatau in the Pacific,” says Taouma.

“It pays homage to our ancestry and to women’s place in Pacific society. Our marks have meaning and history and these stories from women across the region are beautiful and important.”

The documentary also educates viewers that tattooing was originally carried out by women in the Pacific long before men highlighting that women were the dominant leaders in the Pacific in pre-colonial times.

“It’s a massive honour to win the award for Best Documentary at the ImagineNative Festival which is the biggest indigenous film festival in the world.

“It’s awesome to see that our stories from the Pacific can have a resonance across the globe with other audiences. I love that the heart in these ‘Marks of Mana’ stories have found a home somewhere else.”

The now award-winning film will screen in November on Coconet TV, a popular Pacific online hub that Taouma launched almost 5 years ago after seeing a lack of Pacific Content on mainstream television.

With social media and the internet being global game changers helping to eliminate barriers relating to timezones and accessibility to quality Pacific content, Taouma and her team took advantage of this digital era.

Coconet has been hugely successful averaging over 120,000 viewers worldwide every month, providing an ideal platform for Lisa to showcase her latest film.



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