‘No Samoans or Tongans Please’ says open minded, gender neutral vegan looking for home

By SUGA Magazine / Published on Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018 01:09 AM / No Comments / 7108 views

‘No Samoans or Tongans please’.  Those requirements along with other specifics were posted by an individual looking for a place to stay on the popular Facebook marketplace page Vic Deals.

The Vic Deals group page which has over 100,000 members is a free online trading and discussion forum for students and locals of Wellington, New Zealand.

Betty Shireman, who described herself as ‘open minded’ and happy to live with people ‘from all walks of life’ posted her request for a home on the page yesterday.

The pet sitter who loves to help grow vegetable gardens thanked everyone for being so accepting of her post.


The post was soon taken down by Vic Deals but was visible long enough for it to be a topic of conversation on social media.



The general manager of Vic Deals Limited Andrew Rosen emphasises the groups zero tolerance policy towards such posts.

“I believe that any community divided against itself whether through fear, bigotry, gender, discrimination, racism, hate speech and everything else negative in between, will neither prosper or ever have true equality,” he told SUGA Magazine.

“At Vic Deals we are an inclusive community – that means everyone’s welcome as long as they respect our rules and New Zealand laws.

“We removed the post for the obviously racist content. Added to that we also removed it for its attempted negative play on gender neutrality and veganism. It was an obvious trolling post that sought to attach and associate negative connotations to individuals that live that lifestyle as being racist and exclusionary whilst proporting to be open and accepting to all.”

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