Proud Samoa Airways Staff showing off the new Tahiano design | Pic: Tahiano Facebook Page

Newbie designer duo Mataafa Hans Wesche and Alvis Meredith of Tahiano are the proud designers of the new Samoa Airways uniform.

The pair were thrilled to have been chosen out of a large pool of talented designers considering they are new to the Samoan fashion scene.

They debuted their Tahiano collection for the first time at the annual Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show this year.

But the pair didn’t let their inexperience hinder their bid for Samoa Airways top prize.

They posted on their Tahiano facebook page after the airline’s official launch today.

“Tahiano had the honour to design and manufacture the uniforms of Samoa Airways. Samoa Airways wanted to depict a progressive Samoa through our version of an elegant puletasi.”

The perks of winning the design: Proud newbie designers ‘Tahiano’ – Alvis Meredith (Brown shirt) and Mataafa Hans Wesche (Blue shirt) get to mingle at the official Samoa Airways launch today | Tahiano FB

Their collection represents what they call ‘Metro Polynesia’.

“Designing our line didn’t come naturally nor was it something we thought we would actually do but it was something we both knew we wanted to do,” they said at the Samoa Sinnet Fashion Show in July.

“Being Polynesian we are naturally aesthetic people, pendantic about the finer details thus both saw an opportunity to infuse the city metro feel with elei.”

Samoa Sinnet Fashion Director Enid Westerlund is stoked and proud of the pair.

“I love that these guys weren’t afraid to submit their designs for Samoa Airways even though they are new to the fashion platform,” she says.

“It shows that we have some amazing young talent that only needed some encouragement and a platform like ours to launch their brand.”

Samoa Airways will have it’s Auckland launch tomorrow night.

Samoa Airways Staff | Tahiano FB




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