A Samoan woman who goes by the name of ‘mystic_malu’ on instagram has posted about the double standards between Samoan men and women when displaying their traditional tattoos.

Describing herself as a modern day Pacific Feminist, ‘Lydia’ as she is known posted, “I find it really interesting (sexist) that Samoan men can show their Pe’a anytime and anywhere with no backlash. Walk around with no shirt? Great! Wear short rugby shorts? Represent! But when a woman with a Malu wants to show her legs, it’s tapu.”

She acknowledged the strong cultural meanings behind traditional tattoos but said that sacredness comes down to the individual – especially when it comes to a woman’s place in today’s evolving world.

“A Malu is a tattoo on a woman’s body, she knows it is sacred – but it’s sacredness is for her, not for you.”

Her opinions drew mixed reactions from Samoans worldwide on social media.

Lydia also features on the documentary Marks of Mana produced by Lisa Taouma which recently won an international award for Best Documentary in Canada.

The documentary will launch on Coconet TV this month.

The full instagram post can be viewed here





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