Netballer star Maria Tutaia has jumped on board to support the Kellogg’s body movement Special K’s Ditch the Doubt and #OwnIt.

The campaign is a partnership between Kellogg’s and Women’s Health Action aiming at encouraging women to appreciate their own bodies, flaws and all.

A New Zealand study has shown that 7 out of 10 women in New Zealand hate their body and have their ‘moments’ every single week.

Kelloggs NZ’s Will Brockbank says “Maria’s story of feeling like the odd one out because of her height is glad she now see’s it as an advantage – these are the stories we want people to share, to forget the negative and look for the positive in the way they look.”

And so the campaign is really being pushed through social media with key messages that call to action a positive self-image and acceptance of women and their own bodies.

What has been noted though is the shift in Kellogg’s outlook towards body image and health. Previously, Kellogg’s were under fire when their adverts were perceived as telling women that they needed to diet and showed images of models with measuring tapes and slim physiques on TV screens.  Now they are more aware of the negative effects upon a women’s self-esteem and have now used plus sized models in their advertising.

Yet again, a campaign like Special K’s would really help channel out positive messages and influence women to ditch any doubts about the beauty their own bodies possess.

-Fale Tumanu


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