Lance Savali, far left, dances with Superstar Beyonce
Lance Savali, far left, dances with Superstar Beyonce

Five years ago, SUGA Magazine chatted to a quietly-spoken Samoan dancer backstage named Lance Savali whilst killing time waiting to interview our main subject Parris Goebel.  We asked Lance about his dreams and aspirations and he told us his dream was to dance with Chris Brown.

Today, Lance, 25, has danced with the world’s biggest megastars including, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and more recently Beyonce at the world famous Coachella festival.

“Sometimes it’s overwhelming being in her (Beyonce’s) presence and seeing how she works,” he told Maori news Te Karere this week. But he has become used to it.

“Being around high profile people like her is becoming a normality to me because she is a human being after all.”

Savali says that the hype doesn’t actually hit him until he comes back home and realises, “Wow I actually did that.”

The talented dancer was back home in New Zealand this week to ‘give back’ by teaching a new generation of up and coming dancers. And what better way to kick off his first workshop than to have it in Otara, South Auckland where he first learnt the art of dance.

New Zealand is the first in a line of workshops Savali will be teaching at. Other workshops will be held in Australia, America and Mexico before joining Chris Brown again on his Heartbreak on a Full Moon tour in June.

Savali once said that although he travels all around the world enjoying fine international cuisine, he says nothing beats his cravings for good old Sapasui and Taro.







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