Israel Folau tweet divides Pacific Community as Australia gears up for Same-Sex marriage vote

By SUGA Magazine / Published on Thursday, 14 Sep 2017 02:08 AM / No Comments / 39896 views
Wallabies star Israel Folau’s controversial tweet resonates with many Pacific Islanders. The millionaire athlete will soon wed SUGA Silver Ferns star Maria Tutaia | Pic: Twitter

Poly twitter was on fire last night after Wallabies star Israel Folau tweeted his thoughts on same-sex marriage.

As Australians get ready to vote on the issue of same-sex marriage this month, the millionaire athlete who is set to marry Samoan silver fern Netball star SUGA Maria Tutaia, has made it clear that he opposes gay marriage

The issue which is polarising a nation has also sparked debates in the Pacific community online.

Religion appeared to be a main factor for Pacific people who oppose the issue.

The Rugby Star’s tweet which was retweeted over a thousand times and gained over 6k likes, seems to resonate strongly with a large part of the Pacific community and far right Australian conservatives.

Starting this week, Australians will be sent out the same-sex survey by post. However the response may not change anything.

According to, ‘The postal survey is basically a huge opinion poll to gauge the views of Australians on same-sex marriage which MIGHT lead to a vote in Parliament. Only that vote can actually make same-sex marriage legal.

If a majority of people vote in favour in the postal survey, a vote will then be held in parliament which Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he expects will make same-sex marriage legal.

Even if there is a resounding yes vote, MPs are under no compulsion to actually vote in favour of same-sex marriage.’
















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