Friends working out: The Rock and J-LO | Pic: Instagram

It’s halfway through the year. Time has just flown by and you realize you havn’t even begun ticking off those new year’s resolutions. Or maybe you tried but then life keeps getting in the way (or so you keep telling yourself).

Winter is the hardest time to work out when all you have on your mind is comfort food like soup, pasta and other carbs.  But be assured Winter work-outs will keep you warm during work-outs and between work-outs. The rush of endorphins will improve your mood and get blood pumping throughout your body eventually heating up your skin. And in terms of time, Winter is the best time to work out in preparation for a healthier ‘Summer bod.’

To help fuel your motivation this winter, how about working out with a friend? Instead of having that long awaited coffee catch up, perhaps you can catch up over a work-out instead. As The Rock and J-Lo have shown us, it clearly is more fun to work out together. Here are some other reasons why:

1] You keep each other accountable so that you don’t have to pull out the excuses of not showing up that you may normally do solo. You don’t want to keep your friend waiting at the gym. Working out together can motivate you to get out of bed faster or at least show up.

2] You are each other’s supporters but at the same time, it can bring out the competitiveness in you both. Seeing him or her still going through their paces when you normally would have completed yours can make you motivated to do more.

3] You may have a lot of fun catching up on the latest goss, so much so that your session didn’t feel like a work out at all. Laughing, giggling and chatting about that cute SOLE, can make your cal0rie-burning time go by a lot quicker.

4] Trying a new fitness class is much better doing it with a friend. You don’t have to worry thinking that you’d made a fool out of yourself not knowing the routines. (You shouldn’t worry about doing that on your own either) but at least you can have a laugh together!

5] Working out together can change your whole perception of exercise knowing that you are going to have some fun while working up a sweat. The Gym will end up being something you actually look forward to rather than going because you have to!

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