Turning trash into handbags was one of the eye opening demonstrations that appealed to nofotane woman during a Samoa Victim Support Group’s training program this week.

The organisation’s livelihood training’s carried out in villages across Samoa as part of the Nofotane project saw nofotane from Toamua, Puipaa and Faleula participate for their first time – with many woman having heard of the project and it’s impact on the lives of other nofotane and their families.  

SVSG Village Representative Ale Paepae Komiti of Toamua encouraged her district’s participants in the program’s 28th session which was held at her residence. In return, she was greeted with the eagerness of the women to learn and to be able to earn from it.  

While the old weaving skills were revived to create new products, arranging flowers took a more innovative approach with the women’s weaving skills complimenting the floral arrangement.

The voice of Tasia Naotala-Solofi

THE VOICES OF THE EMPOWERED NOFOTANE WOMENAs the 2-years Nofotane Project winds down to its official closing on 20 July 2018, Samoa Victim Support Group, in partnership with UN Women Fund for Gender Equality, will share with you ‘The Voices of the Empowered Nofotane Women’These are the stories of nofotane women who have completed livelihood trainings with the project, and have started income generating activities to support not only themselves, but also their families and their village communities. These are the stories that impact a nofotane woman, her family, her children, her village and her community.While each story tells of the different gender equality issues these women used to face, they however highlight strong women who have found their voices from being empowered.#thenofotanempoweredwomen

Posted by Nofotane SVSG on Tuesday, June 12, 2018


To date, SVSG has trained more close to 4000 nofotane women on livelihood skills and close to 500 woman are now earning a living from the skills learnt on the program. 

As newly self-employed nofotane women share their stories of success from the program, the livelihood training component of the project continues to gather momentum.

Products by Nofotane-turned-businesswomen can also be purchased from the Samoa Victim Support Headquarters in Apia.


Visitors to SVSG purchase Nofotane products





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